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Phrase – Not so Black and White, but Gray Area – Tom Nor

Here is the first paragraph of the above essay as a sample:  In many discussions and debates that people have, difficult questions or statements come up and many people resort to a phrase similar to this: “Not everything is black and white, there’s a gray area” (simply called the “phrase” from now on). In this phrase, “black and white” is usually associated with sharp and distinct categorization (often binary), clarity, certainty, and simplicity, while “gray area” is usually associated with a mixture, a gradual and continuous spectrum, uncertainty, and complexity. Also, the phrase commonly comes up in reference to morality and whether something is right or wrong. Unfortunately, this phrase is often misused as a barrier against debate instead of a tool to find logical answers to tough questions. There is nothing necessarily wrong with the phrase in itself. Instead, the problem is that people have a tendency to use it in an ambiguous fashion as their conclusion or main point and assume that the debate can appropriately end at this point without further resolution. This phrase serves no good purpose in debate and should not be used. Instead, one should replace this phrase (or at least supplement it) with the clear meaning of what they truly want to say, and continue the debate… (download essay for more)


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