Negan’s a Great Reformer

Negan, from Walking Dead, isn’t really that bad of a guy once you think about it. He’s very community-oriented; no one has their own anarchistic atomistic individual names, but everyone is named “Negan”. He and his crew offer protection services. Sure, he demands half of your stuff (reminds me of Bernie Sanders…), but that’s the price we pay for living in a civilized orderly society. Actually, he says he owns everything, so really he’s very kind to let you have half of his stuff. He made great progressive reforms on gun control:  no one in the Alexandria community can have guns. The number of gun murders, particularly against Negan’s enforcers, will go down. Notice how the Alexandrians are peaceful and docile now? You can thank the order that Negan brings. Also, he’s centralizing authority and unifying people across vast lands into one great polity. Gone are the old days of disorganized local community rule. The people implicitly consent to his rule by deciding to stay withing his territory. If they don’t like Negan, they can always leave his territory; therefore, they actually do consent to everything he does. Sure, he’s hurt and killed people, but only because they broke his rules. They brought it on themselves. If you don’t break his rules, you won’t get hurt. Instead of saying, “F@*k Negan”, how ‘bout they just obey the rules? As he frequently admits, he’s quite reasonable in dealing with you as long as you don’t break his rules.

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