Flag-Burning, and Conservatives’ Sensitive Delicate Feelings

Some conservatives believe that it is a good idea to outlaw US flag desecration, punishable by fine or imprisonment. These tend to be nationalistic Trumpish types. This is very ironic and hypocritical because these conservatives wish to outlaw something merely because it’s offensive to their China-glass delicate feelings. Boohoo, sissies. Yes, burning a flag may offend your feelings. But, I thought you disliked the “political correctness” movement. Looks like the shoe is on the other foot, and conservatives are no better than leftists.

Furthermore, I’ll go ahead and explain why you should not favor this law. This law only fits in an authoritarian form of govt, which would make these conservatives authoritarians instead of believers in liberty. A free society with limited govt allows each person to do as they please as long as they are not harming other people (murder, etc), violating their property rights (stealing, etc), or coercively prohibiting others from exercising their own freedoms. And, govt’s ONLY role is to protect these rights and stop people from committing these aggressions against others. Burning or stepping on a piece of rectangular fabric, some *inanimate* object, does not physically harm any person, or violate their property rights, or coercively prohibit them from exercising their freedoms. Therefore, this law should not exist. If it did exist, then it would mean that govt police should *initiate* violent force and coercion against a peaceful person, which is an act of tyranny, and your favor of this law would make you a tyrant yourself. It looks like these conservatives want to expand govt power, not decrease it. Can you imagine how ridiculous it would be to throw someone in jail just for “harming” a rectangular piece of fabric? Even if you love the flag, you should see why its desecration shouldn’t be outlawed. (FYI, conservatives have made anti-desecration laws in the past, but thankfully the Supreme Court struck these down. However, some conservatives wish to bring it back via Constitutional amendment.)

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