Justification for Equal Treatment

Beware. It is common sentiment to advocate equal treatment under the law on the basis that all people groups are actually equal in some characteristics. For example, although people may not explicitly say this, they often imply something like: ‘we have measured that this group has the same average IQ as that group, so we should treat them equally instead of treating them as inferiors’. And, we are familiar with Shakespeare’s point about equal characteristics: “If you prick us with a pin, don’t we bleed? If you tickle us, don’t we laugh? etc.” This reasoning sounds moral, but this may be quite dangerous and ripe for tyranny because, for some wrong-headed people, it may imply that if a people group is found to be actually different in some characteristic, then we could allowably treat them unequally under the law. What if, hypothetically, we found some people group on Earth who had some measurably inferior (or just different) characteristic? Maybe they didn’t have the genes that caused them to laugh when tickled, or maybe they actually did have a lower IQ. Could we then be justified in treating them unequally under the law or deprive them of rights? No, that would be immoral. The true and moral reason why we should treat people groups equally under the law is because they are all HUMAN PERSONS; that is all. It has nothing to do with actually being equal in characteristics, for that wrong path may lead to a future persecution.

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