History Info for Women and Gay People

Although libertarianism has been around since the 17th century enlightenment and has always denounced government control and restrictions on personal and lifestyle matters, the Libertarian Party itself was created in 1971. From the moment of its creation, the Libertarian Party has supported equal government treatment under the law of all people, regardless of gender or sexuality. Here are some notable events. The Libertarian Party’s first presidential candidate in 1972 was John Hospers, a gay guy. His vice presidential candidate in 1972 was Tonie Nathan, the first woman (as well as first jewish person) to have successfully received an electoral vote in a U.S. presidential election. The Libertarian Party supported full gay rights since its creation in 1972, but the Democratic Party did not until 2012, 40 years later only after it became popular. And, the Democratic Party did not have a female V.P. candidate until 1984, 12 years later than the Libertarian Party. Libertarians are way ahead of the curve on freedom issues, literally by centuries.

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