Free Speech and Language Rules for Immigrants

Many conservatives violate free speech when it comes to immigrants. Many conservatives want to force immigrants to learn and speak English if they are to come here. Also, some wish to force businesses to use English. This is govt regulation of speech, which is a free speech violation, which violates not only natural moral law, but also the Bill of Rights in the Constitution. These conservatives are not only morally wrong, but also hypocrites if they claim to favor 1st amendment free speech rights.

A conservative once told me:  “Businesses that are in America need to use English. That is the language of this country and I should not have to learn another country’s language to communicate with a business in this country.”

My reply was as follows:  “I often find that misunderstandings in political discussions occur whenever we confuse the force of law simply with our stance on what a person or entity “should” do. In this case, your comment is not clear on what you want govt law to do. You say that businesses “need to use English”. What does that really mean? Are you saying that you think govt should have a law that forces businesses to use English? Also, when you say that you “should not have to learn another country’s language to communicate with a business in this country”, are you aware that nobody is forcing you to do any such thing and nobody is forcing you to even do business with a non-English speaking company? If there’s a taco stand that doesn’t speak English, your freedom of choice and trade allows you to choose not to buy tacos there and you can always choose to buy from stores that have your own standards of language. Just because a business here doesn’t speak English doesn’t mean that they are forcing you to speak another language, because they are not forcing you to buy from them. Also, every private business should have the right to conduct business as they please as long as they aren’t harming anyone. That’s something a conservative like you should appreciate… unless you’re actually a government-loving liberal who loves regulating business.”

Needless to say, he never replied.

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