The “…but, I’m OK with Legal Immigration” Qualification

Some people say something like, “I’m OK with legal immigration, but I’m just opposed to illegal immigration.” This comment sounds reasonable at first glance, but it ignores a crucial feature of our immigration system. We put number limits on how many people can immigrate here, limits that are very small compared to the amount of people who want to come here (and apply). Most of these limits were put in place in the early 20th century. Practically speaking, the vast majority of people who want to move here never can because the legal “line” is so extremely long. Ironically, conservatives (and to a lesser extent lefties) have actually created the problem of illegal immigration by their own actions of installing such limits. If we actually allowed people to come in legally (without the limits), they would do so through that legal path. But, because of the limit that practically prohibits most people from coming legally, they instead go through a dangerous desert journey to sneak in illegally.

If you want immigrants to come in legally, then I have a simple solution for you: LEGALIZE immigration. Currently, it’s only legal for a few people, and illegal for most. Conservatives make something illegal that shouldn’t be, and then complain that people are doing illegal things. If you’re really OK with legal immigration, then why not legalize immigration for more of the people who want to come here? By having the immigration limits, our govt (and those who support it) is essentially using govt force and violence (all laws are backed by govt guns) against poor and desperate people who wish to come and work here and trade with us. Isn’t this morally wrong and harmful?

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