“Preserve our Culture” Argument against Immigration

A common argument that conservatives use is that immigrants will change our culture, and so we should have govt laws that severely limit, if not stop, immigration here. Culture is the way of life and habits of people like food, clothing style, language, music, and religion, etc. But, is it govt’s job to regulate culture; to control by force what people eat, or what religion to have? Let’s say Bob, a normal US native, likes the fact that everybody eats burgers. He’s very proud of this burger heritage. Then, one day, he sees some Latinos move into his town, and they’re eating tacos. Bob doesn’t like this. Even more, some of the other white natives are becoming friends with the Latinos and are starting to eat tacos, too, so the Latino culture is spreading to other natives. He’s disgusted and thinks to himself, “Yuck, these icky foreign brown people are eroding our culture and causing our decent town’s folk to eat tacos instead of burgers, corrupting the purity of our superior and exceptional white heritage. What’s next, a catholic church? I’m gonna ask my gang (aka “government”) to use force and violence (all laws are backed by police and/or military guns) to prevent these Latinos from coming here and changing our eating practices and polluting our proud ways of life. Praise Jesus!”

Is Bob’s approach and behavior acceptable for a people who claim to want a free society? How can a conservative claim to believe in freedom and small govt if they also think that it’s govt’s job to regulate and control by force every aspect of our culture? Democrats are usually the ones who want to regulate our daily lives (and control what we eat). The “Preserve our Culture” argument is morally wrong and has no place in a peaceful and free society.

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