Baltimore Rioters Are Wrong, But “We” Are Much Worse

A relevant Bible passage for those who look at the rioters in disgust: “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” (Matthew 7:3). Although the violence and property damage done by the rioters is indeed wrong, it is a small drop in the bucket compared to the violence, harm, killing, and property rights violations done by mostly everyone through the government on a daily basis. Let’s keep our outrage proportional and consistent. I hear people saying, “violence is not the answer”, and these words are sweet and true, but the hypocrisy is burning my ears. Almost every ordinary citizen loves using violence, but won’t admit it, as they ask the govt to do all sorts of things it shouldn’t.

By DEFINITION, govt is a monopoly institution made of people who make commands (laws) and use violence and coercion (or the threat there of) to enforce these commands, through police and/or military. There’s no such thing as a govt without the enforcement mechanism of violent force backing every command and law (have you ever seen a govt without police or military? No). And, almost everyone feels fine asking the govt to initiate violence on their own behalf (notice I use the word “initiate” because I’m not talking about self-defense and “response” laws such as “no stealing” and “no murder”, I’m talking about aggression that the govt STARTS against peaceful people). Where is the helicopter media coverage of the IRS, which loots all of us daily? Republicans in particular believe that initiating military force is the solution to every difficulty, even minor ones, abroad even though other nations aren’t trying to invade us. Republicans also believe that we should use armed guards to forcefully prevent poor immigrants from entering the country and making a living, because they believe they should initiate violence to “preserve culture” and reduce competition with other laborers. Republicans also want the govt to initiate violent force to kidnap drug users and put them in metal cages for prolonged periods of time.

And, don’t even get me started on Democrats who want the govt to initiate force in all kinds of laws to control daily life, and to steal (tax) from all people to fund all kinds of programs. Democrats use violence when they create poverty and outlaw poor people from working low wage jobs (minimum wage laws). Police departments all over the nation “loot” unconvicted people through “civil asset forfeiture”. Govts love to preach peace to those who are opposing it, but then engage in violence and stealing every day for all of its own activities. Do not say “violence is not the answer” unless you really mean it, consistently. The only difference between the rioters and the govt is that the govt is bigger and more organized and sophisticated. And “we” are the ones who make this govt and tell it what to do, so “we” are much worse than the rioters.

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