Police Power

Libertarians are generally skeptical of police power. Most of us technically believe that a police force is legitimate because rights enforcement is a legitimate role of government, but much of what the police does is detestable. The power is often abused, especially against black people. Many black people are afraid to do normal everyday activities that white people always do just because policemen are on the prowl, waiting, looking for some reason to stop them. Not all policemen are bad, and many times the police department is forcing the officers to abuse their power or else the officer will get penalized. Police power should be extremely limited. Sadly, however, Republicans love the idea of “zero tolerance” and “tough on crime”, so dangerous government power continues to grow in the police field. And, the war on drugs has escalated the problems. When the police constantly torment an entire race, throwing many black people into jail for trivial reasons, it tends to disrupt family structure and turn soft criminals into hard criminals in jail. In this way, the government destroys the black community and helps to keep them in poverty. My personal advice to everyone, especially black people, is to never answer any question a police officer asks. They are trained to trick you. Go to this website (from Online Paralegal Programs) for a nice introduction on how to protect yourself from government power.



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