Should I Force Someone to Do X at Gundpoint?

When considering laws, we usually think in terms of, “Is this beneficial for most people?” But, you should always remember to view the law in light of its inherent use of violent force. Every law is a coercive command to do something, ultimately at gunpoint. When considering a law, ask yourself: “Should I force someone to do X with a gun pointed at their head?” For instance, let’s consider a law that most people would think is a good thing: public funded scientific research for medicine. Research for medicine is great, but ask yourself: “Should I force someone to pay (steal their money through taxes) for scientific research on medicine with a gun pointed to their head?” How about Obamacare’s requirement about young people staying on their parent’s plans: “Should I force this insurance company to keep a young person on their parent’s health insurance plan until they are at age 25, with a gun pointed at the heads of the owners of the insurance company?”  How about mandatory requirements of hiring women: “Should I force this employer to hire more women, with a gun pointed at his head?” How about a public school (tax funded) having a music class: “Should I steal from people and force them to pay for a teacher who will teach a young person how to play the flute, with a gun pointed to the taxpayer’s head?”  See, now you are thinking clearly.

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