Democracy is Necessarily the Enemy of Minority Rights

If by “democracy”, we mean that laws can be made purely by the will of the majority of people, then yes, it is the enemy of minority rights. This nearly must be the case, because if you are a minority, then, by definition, you do not have significant protection against the majority. Consider the classic example of black people. Because the majority of people wanted to oppress them, they democratically passed laws to do so. Consider how people with the most common religion can pass laws to restrict the freedoms of people with less common religions in a given country. If you live in a true democracy, and you are a minority, you’re screwed unless you can persuade enough of the majority to treat you well. However, libertarianism does not rely on majority will, as it holds that every human has natural inalienable human rights that no one, not even a majority, can take away. These rights include freedom to do anything you want with yourself and your property as long as you aren’t initiating aggression toward others or inhibiting their same freedoms.

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