Greedy Businessmen in Every System

Every system will have greedy businessmen. But, don’t compare libertarianism to the unreasonable standard of perfection. Let’s compare real system to real system. In our current real system, rife with big govt controlling the economy, the greedy businessmen become successful and wealthy often through special interest government assistance and special government privilege, and they can get it by contributing money to politicians and stealing money from the people (through taxes). But, in a libertarian free market system, a greedy businessman can only get rich if people voluntarily give him money through trade by providing a good service or product. I would rather live in a society where greedy businessmen check against other greedy businessmen as they compete against each other to sell me something I want, than in a society where greedy businessmen, other greedy businessmen, and the government all help each other at the people’s expense as they steal our money and force us to buy or not buy certain products and services. (Argument paraphrased from Milton Freidman)

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