That Dumb Voter in Democracy

Imagine a voter that is immensely ignorant of the issues and how the world works, or a voter who decides to vote for someone because they think that candidate is cool or would be nice to have a beer with. In a democracy that has nearly unlimited lawmaking power, these people get to determine how much of everyone’s money to steal, what to spend it on, what things people should and shouldn’t be allowed to put in their bodies, how everyone’s children will be taught in school, whether or not we invade some other country, and how the economy will be run. That sucks. The concept of democracy being a sacred system is ridiculous. I’m not saying that we should disenfranchise such people, I instead think that we should have a completely different system that doesn’t allow our rights to be violated and our lives to be micromanaged just because a majority of voters think it’s ok to do so. Most matters should be left to free individuals ruling their own lives.

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