Church, Charity, and Libertarianism

I often hear people say that there is a conflict between Christianity and libertarianism. This is perceived when libertarians talk about property rights and the idea that people should be able to freely choose how to spend their own money instead of having the government forcefully take it from them in order to give it to the poor (and rich, sadly) and fund medical services for seniors. They invoke the Christian concept of charity and generosity as a contrast. But, there is no conflict. Libertarianism is not a comprehensive philosophy for how one conducts their life, it is only a political philosophy that relates to the government. Libertarianism does not mean that people should not give to the poor, but it does mean that people can’t force other people to give to the poor. In a free society, we cannot force people to obey God, especially since many people believe in different gods. Also, I don’t believe that it is God’s will that we force others to obey him. People should be free to choose to follow God’s commands or not. If your religion commands you to give to the poor, then do it if you wish to be obedient to your God. But, that has nothing to do with laws that force people to give to the poor. It’s odd how progressives love the separation of church and state, except when they are trying to use Christianity to justify the government’s redistribution of wealth.

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