Iran and Middle East Meddling – Root Causes of Current Problems

Everyone has already known this for a long time, but now it’s official and the CIA admits it. We overthrew the Iranian government (that was democratically elected and popular) a long time ago because they wanted to control their own oil instead of having Britain control it (and that sounded too socialist to us), we installed our own puppet dictator who oppressed its people but was cooperative with the U.S., the Iranian people hated him and America for their role in this (hard to blame them), and overthrew our puppet and turned toward extreme Islam and the Islamic Revolution occurred that brought the theocracy and anti-Americanism that is currently in Iran today (remember the hostage crisis). It’s called “blow-back” when we try to control others and it backfires. But, instead of looking at the cause in the mirror, politicians tell us that muslims hate us because they hate our freedoms. Uhhh, no, they have the normal human trait of wanting freedom just like other humans, and our oppression of them and meddling in their governments for decades has caused anti-Americanism that we now are so concerned with. Thanks oh wise U.S. politicians for all of the lives you’ve helped kill by giving fuel to the terrorist cause. Imagine a world where we minded our own business and let other countries rule themselves. I favor a foreign policy of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Oh, and the U.S. has been overthrowing governments around the world for decades (ex. Guatemala) and we wonder why people hate us.