ISIS is just a Normal Government, Nothing Special

ISIS is just a normal, typical young government that’s theocratic. They even provide normal social services to their subjects (citizens). There’s no reason to treat them as if they’re a special unique threat (compared to other brutal nations) that we must address or go to war about. It’s in its early development stage, the same stage that most governments go through originally, organized gangster-ing and conquest. Being a violent, spreading gang is just the early stage of development before mature government-hood, since a government is nothing more than a monopoly on the use of violent force in a certain area that claims an obligation for residents to obey. Has ISIS done anything that typical governments don’t do? So, ISIS is brutal and kills innocent people; that’s routine for states. They want to put their religion in government (ahem…) and force others to follow their religion; that’s typical in history and now.

Look at them. Their conquest has allowed them to spread and take control of many cities and huge geographic areas, and they are highly organized and plan to administer the area with their order. ISIS already has various governors, they already provide normal government services to its citizens, they have welfare services, price controls, taxes on the wealthy, revenue from oil export, law enforcement, repairing of roads, public schooling controlled by them, and they maintain electricity supply. Yep, that’s government. ISIS even stands for Islamic “STATE” of Iraq and Syria. They’re just a young government, and statehood is their own stated goal. If they remain, they’d probably enter the UN in 20 years.

I do NOT say these things to defend their evil actions, I say these things for two reasons: 1. To illustrate that governments are actually nothing more than huge violent gangs that reach a tipping point of size and control, and 2. To put ISIS in perspective so we aren’t so especially scared of them compared with other normal governments. If we’re going to go to war with them because they are brutal and have killed their own people, then to be consistent, we would have to go to war with probably every nation, including our own. And, our own government admitted that we have no evidence that ISIS was ever planning or intending to attack the U.S. before we announced our war against them. Let’s just get out of there and mind our own business. It’s not the end of the world if they make just one more government.

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