Social Security: Abolish It

When considering abolishing social security because it involves stealing and wealth redistribution, some people react by saying “Actually, we pay into it with our own money”. Yes, much of the program involves paying into it with your own earnings, but most people don’t get the same amount of money that they paid into it over their lifetime. Most people experience either a significant net gain or net loss through the program, meaning that there is a substantial redistributive welfare character to it.(Sadly, much of this welfare doesn’t even go to the poor.)

And, if it really is just supposed to be treated like a retirement plan that is your money, then we should let each person have their own individual account where they gradually pay into that account and then receive their own money at retirement (with that money’s interest and investment gains, if applicable). Of course, the best option is to let people save or not save based on their own free will instead of forcing them to save money for themselves, but a temporary compromise should be to let each person have their own personal forced retirement savings account. The current social security program mixes retirement savings and welfare in a complex way, hiding its net effects and confusing its justifications. If you believe in welfare, then fine, but welfare should be accounted for separately from retirement savings plans. Welfare should only be administered through programs that are specifically purposed for welfare.

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