Syria and 7th Grade America

I constantly hear people say that we have to throw bombs to solve the world’s problems because if we don’t , we’ll look weak and be embarrassed, given that Obama remarked something about a “red line”, that it would be embarrassing if we went back on our previous threat statement. Isn’t it childish to use violence just to appear strong and in charge? I say that we should be a mature, peaceful, resting lion. Others may insult us or not take us seriously; they may occasionally toss a tomato our way, or even nibble at our tail. But, if someone actually tries to attack us, or the attack is imminent, THEN we should wake up and bring some serious pain.

2 thoughts on “Syria and 7th Grade America

    • No. The original post is just saying that we should only act in a primarily defensive way, as self-defense is a legitimate use of violent force. The first two little pigs in that old fable had the fault of inadequate defenses (weak houses). You seem to suggest that the little pigs should have went outside of their houses and searched out a wolf in the forest to start fights with. I don’t think that this sort of foreign military adventurism is a good idea.

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