Humanitarian Foreign Intervention

Some people think that angelic America goes around the world saving the day whenever a bad guy hurts its people. So, they look at Syria’s 100,000 dead and think:  let’s continue the noble-intentioned tradition. In reality, there are many times where the U.S. did not intervene in foreign atrocities and genocides, like in China, Soviet Union, Cambodia, the Armenian genocide, Ethiopia, Biafra, Rwanda, Uganda, Darfur, Liberia, Bangladesh, Burunda and many more (, where literally many MILLIONS of civilians were murdered. Politicians ignore these. But, every once in a while, our government specially selects an atrocity and cries war for humanitarian reasons, and it’s usually for Middle Eastern countries. How inconsistent. Humanitarianism isn’t the real reason for going to wars, but it is just an opportune excuse. Lastly, I know that inaction in the past does not in itself justify inaction now, but the above sheer volume of atrocities shows that it’s impractical to attempt to police the world. And, when we do, we usually mess up pretty badly and make situations worse in the short and long run. Our own American Civil War was terrifying at about 1 million dead, with plenty of civilian casualties and urban warfare. Civil wars are usually atrocious, that doesn’t mean that we need to put our nose in others’.

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